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Our mission is to stir the heart of the church to be looking for the blessed hope and to be eagerly waiting for the soon return of Jesus. To multiply watchman on the wall who seek a biblical understanding of Bible prophecy. And to encourage the church to stand up for Jesus in the difficult last days before the rapture. Dramatic events in America, Israel and around the word are unfolding at a rapid pace allowing us to “see the day approaching” (Hebrews 10:25). We teach how these developments fit into God’s plan for the end times and what they mean for the church today. 

What kind of a generation are we? We are the greatest generation! There is no doubt about it. We are the generation that can see the land of Israel, the people of Israel, and the enemies of Israel unfolding before our eyes. We are the generation that can see all the stage being set for the coming Temple of Israel and the rising Empire of Antichrist, and along with it we see the satanic brainwashing of so much of the world today.

We like to stay on the cutting edge of world events and through our live teaching at Burnsview, tours of Israel, articles on our website ( and weekly email updates, we share what’s happening and how today’s traumatic events affect the believer and play out according to the scriptures. 

Live teaching evenings are free and regularly held throughout the year in Burnsview’s beautiful Ministry Activity Center (MAC). These always include food and deserts alongside fellowship and worship to go along with relevant teaching and notes provided by Tim Buck.

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