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Church History

Church History (In the Beginning)

The organization of Burnsview Baptist Church was begun in October 1921 by a small group of believers determined to begin a Baptist church in their own community. These folks had a vision for the future seeing a church as a beacon of light in a dark world.  


Under the leadership of excellent pastors and teachers, Burnsview Baptist Church became an anchor in the Christian community, a church known for a firm foundation built on the Bible.


Led by Pastor Tim Huckaby since May 12, 2002, we continue that legacy today. Pastor Huckaby ushered in a new season of ministry at the church that reinforces our calling to reach our city, nation, and world for Christ.

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October 23, 1921

A small, but sincere group of spiritually minded local folks desired to have a church in which they could worship within their own community. These folks had a vision for the future seeing a church as a beacon of light in a dark world. Thus, Burnsview Baptist Church was organized on October 23, 1921. On that day, Rev. S.R.Boss called the presbytery to order. Churches represented were: Fairmont, Abner Creek, Tucapau, Middle Tyger, Mt. Olive, and Cross Roads Baptist Church.

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March 1922

The members, under the leadership of the Lord, wanted a sanctuary which could be dedicated to the Lord for worship. It was at this time that Mr. G.W. Burns gave one acre of land to build on. Construction of our first church building began on March 6, 1922. Our members gave logs from their farms, had them sawed into lumber, and built the church with free labor. The first pews were made by members, the lumber given by a member of the church. We began construction with $5.25 in the treasury. Members gave to pay for items used as needed. When construction was completed, we had $5.25 in the treasury.

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In 1966 the sanctuary was completed at a cost of $43,500. We borrowed $35,000 on a 15-year loan. There was $4,500 in the building fund. The first service was held in the new sanctuary on November 6, 1966 and it was dedicated on March 26, 1967. All money remaining in the treasury above $500 at end of month was applied toward paying off the loan for the new sanctuary. Pews for the new sanctuary were purchased by members. Plaques were placed on backs of pews to recognize their gifts. An organ was purchased October 2, 1967 at a cost of $1,600 with $1,067 being pledged by members toward the purchase.

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May 2002

We called Rev. Tim Huckaby as pastor on May 12, 2002. He said he was all about reaching the lost and growing the church. As a condition of his agreeing to be our Pastor, Rev. Huckaby had to be assured the deacons and church were like minded. We assured him we were.

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July 13, 2003

The newly formed building committee recommended we build a new sanctuary with offices for the staff, a choir room and additional Sunday School classes for children.The church membership approved the construction and the building committee began developing the plans for a new sanctuary having a capacity of 700 which included space for the choir and orchestra. The new building would connect with the old one through a passageway where the old nursery used to be. More parking space was added on land that had become available to the church, across Perry Road, and which we had purchased several years earlier. Construction was completed and a dedication service was held on Sunday, September 11, 2005.

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November 2016

A Building Committee was formed to begin looking into constructing a Ministry Activity Center on the property recently purchased to the right of the old sanctuary. The desire was to have a separate Family Life Center and leave the old FLC as a gymnasium only. Work progressed very well on a building design with each committee member contributing. Karen Steading, before her death, helped select the colors and materials for paint and floor coverings as she had done in our new sanctuary. Langley and Associates were selected as Architects and Jerry Calloway was selected as the General Contractor for the project. Bids to construct the 15,870 sf. facility came in at $1.6 million.

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August 2021

We celebrated our 100th Anniversary on Sunday, August 22, 2021. There were about 300 people who stayed and a tea catered meal. More than that attended the special service. Jay Crawford spoke about our history, Tim Buck spoke on the church at present, and Pastor Tim Huckaby spoke on his vision for the future of Burnsview. Our Director of Missions, Randy Bradley, presented us with a plaque commemorating our anniversary!

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