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Hearts & Hammers Ministry

To witness for Christ through service to those in need of repair and refurbishment services.

To work with BBC groups to identify and select qualified homeowners that are in need of such services. The criteria for selection should be based on limited income, physical invitations to complete the work themselves, legal ownership of the home, pending, and limitations of the other resources to accomplish the repairs.

To assess and inventory the repair needs of selected homes.

To acquire donations of money and materials to allow our volunteers to serve homeowners in need of such services.

To recruit and organize volunteers to repair and refurbish homes in need.

To meet individual homeowners and convey a sense of caring from our volunteers for their fellow citizens.

To focus on a variety of way to provide our services in one of more neighborhood in our service area.

To maximize the impact of every dollar raised in this effort by minimizing expenditures on activities that are not directly oriented to improving the homeowners home. 

To provide a positive experience for volunteers and homeowners.

Hearts & Hammers Ministry

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