Burnsview Baptist Church

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Burnsview United

We are young, but we strive toward maturity. We make mistakes, but live in repentance. We were once enemies of God, but now we seek reconciliation. We are average people who serve an extraordinary Master. Every person is a slave to something. Pride. Attention. Other people's perception of us. Drugs. Alcohol. Our own ignorance. But here at Burnsview we choose to be slaves to the only thing worth serving. With the provision given through the sacrifice of Earth's only savior we serve the Author of Life himself. He is not only the one true standard for everything good; He created everything good. Only God is satisfactory. We are true realists seeking the one true reality instead of being satisfied with false ones that seem to have all the "right answers".

We seek knowledge. We seek understanding. We seek wisdom. We are lovers of people. We are lovers of God. We stand on the principles spoken to us by the Voice of Truth. And we are thankful. We are Burnsview United.

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Burnsview Baptist Church offers a dynamic youth ministry providing spiritual Bible Studies, inspiring messages from God’s Word, and exciting activities. Youth Sunday School begins at 9:30 am and offers both middle and high school youth classes. Wednesday evenings bring an exciting discipleship experience as the youth meet in the Choir Practice Room for Bible Study which begins at 6:30 pm during the school year and 7:00pm during the summer. Also youth can experience their own Worship Service which begins on Sunday Evenings starting at 6:00 pm in the Youth Sanctuary.  In addition to weekly Bible-Centered devotions, the Burnsveiw Baptist Youth also enjoy a wide range of activities including, hiking, bowling, basketball, volleyball, eating out, and other exciting options. During a week in June they participate in M-Fuge missions camp.